7 Best Indian Paraglide Pilots

Sports like paragliding seem to be very adventurous and heart throbbing, of course, but are dangerous too on the other hand if done without proper training. There are dozens of training centers in India for those who feel enthusiastic about this kind of sport. And talking about paragliding centers, a handful number of training institutes and skilled, experienced, professional paraglide pilots are there to teach you all the tricks of learning how to have a smooth enjoyable flight.

1 Eric Menezes


Eirc Menezes is the Chief Paragliding Instructor in the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors- Powered Paragliding. In his lifetime, he has done 4000 paragliding. As a pioneer of paragliding in India, he established a paragliding school in Pune. Besides flying, he is also a specialist to click photographs in the air.

2. Debu Choudhury


Born and grew up in Manali, Debu Choudhury started paraglide flight in the age of 14. He has explored Manali through paragliding like his own playground, and thus he knows the place very well. He found many areas here, suitable for paragliding. Debu Choudhury won the national championship several times and also is a world-class pilot participating world cup two times.

3. Anita Malik




Since her childhood, Anita had a strong enthusiasm for adventurous things and gradually taken by the sport of paragliding. Following her father who was a captain of merchant navy, she has been showing her love for outdoor sports and travel throughout her whole life. Today, she is the powerhouse behind the success of institute like Temple Pilots in India.

4. Avi Malik


Avi Malik has simply a bird born in human shape. He has made the skies his home. His passion for paraglide flight has been burning from his days in sports school. He was awarded with the prestigious Presidents Gold Medal and IAF regarded him as a fighter pilot. He gives the best effort to teach his students just like he learnt. Avi Malik is now the Master Instructor of APPI-PPG and the Chief Flying Instructor in Temple Pilot. Interesting fact to add, he is wedded to Anita Malik as the found their love searching the love for flying.

5. Mangesh Dighe


With sixteen years of experience of flying paraglide and paramotor, Mangesh Dighe has completed more than 6500 flights in his lifetime till now. Known as a cross country and tandem pilot, he owns International license of sporting and instructing paramotor. He has record of doing 3000 tandem flights. He also participated in Pre-World Cup of Paragliding.

6. Rhone Menezes


Not a lot of teenagers start paragliding at the age of 13 or complete the basic of paragliding at the age of 17. Rhone Menezes has successfully made this possible and now considered to be the youngest powered paraglide instructor in India. Besides, he has expertise in monster trike flying, tandem flying, ridge soaring, cross country flying etc. and now he is ready to spread his knowledge about those amongst the enthusiasts.

7. Gurpreet Dhindsa


One of India’s best paragliders, Gurpreet Dhindsa, seems to step on ground very often. There is no paragliding destination in India that he hasn’t taken a flight. He is so obsessed with this sport that the great personality of quietness and solidity donates 80% of his salary, coming from teaching flights, to fund for international competitions. He hopes the next generation to take the spot him and his co-pilots has made in paragliding world.

The paraglide experts in our country has done a great job in flights and made a rank for India in the world. Thrill with unpredicted risk make something adventurous. Paragliding is filled with such kind of qualities. And the daredevil paraglide pilots of India are full of courage and ability who handles this sport with such an ease.