10 Incredible Selfies In Paragliding

1. Hüseyin Burak Tuzer: optically discerns the sights everyday that holidaymakers customarily only dream of, paragliding along the coast of ‘paradise.’
The 28-year-old spends his days soaring in the firmaments above Fethiye and Oludeniz in Turkey and photographing the spectacular views – now, bringing a few fortuitous tourists in tow.
His ‘true love’ has led him to a role at Welkin Sports Paragliding, the oldest paragliding school in the country.

image credit: dailymail.co.uk



2..Tim Pentreath: These are the breath-taking panoramic shots taken by a paraglider soaring through the firmaments of Europe.Veteran glider Tim Pentreath, 50, from Bath in Somerset, has spent more than 24 years travelling the world taking stunning bird’s ocular perceiver shots of picturesque landscapes.
The photographer, who learnt to paraglide in 1990 in South Wales, has taken more than 2,000 images at 16 locations throughout Europe – and has even taken mid-flight ‘selfies’ by affixing his GoPro camera to an elongated pole

24790B7000000578-2900382-image-a-10_1420632685797image credit : dailymail.co.uk

3. Lauren Newell: The astounding selfies were captured by Lauren Newell on holiday in Turkey, and they limpidly show the stunning scenery sparkling in the sunshine – a staggering 6,550 feet above the clear blue sea.The 20-year-old from Broseley, Shropshire, was on holiday with her boyfriend Mark Wigley, withal 20, when the daredevil duo decided to consummate the adventurous paraglide – the second highest in the world

PAY-Lauren-Newell-sky-dive-selfiesimage credit: mirror.co.uk

4. Peggy: Had a colourful life and her daughter Elizabeth Forsyth, 77, was caught up in the scandal circumventing the costly collapse of his Polly Peck business imperium as an employee of jailed tycoon Asil Nadir.Peggy, 100, gives a thumbs up as she paraglides off a 2,500ft mountain peak in Kyrenia, Cyprus,

image credit: dailymail.co.uk

5.Horacio Llorens: Horacio Llorens performs during the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal over the valley of Roldanillo, Colombia. While exhilarating, this isn’t proximately as perilous as the time he got disoriented in the ocean.

Horacio Llorens flights and performs his magic all over the valley of Roldanillo, Colombia. January 16th 2013.
image credit: redbull.com

6. Veso Ovcharov: Veso Ovcharov sends us this selfie of his first sky dive over the North Shore of Oahu

veso-ovcharov-selfie-skydiveimage credit: redbull.com

7.Gavin McClurg: Speed pilot Gavin McClurg shares a GoPro shot from a session in Northern BC, Canada. He and and his friend have done some insanely long x-country paragliding trips, too.

gavin-mcclurg-gopro-speed-riderimage credit: redbull.com

8.Tom de Dorlodot: Tom de Dorlodot high over the islands of the South Pacific

Tom & Horacio flying near Anaho Bay. Nuku Hiva.
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9.Horacio Llorens: Paraglider Horacio Llorens takes an incredible selfie whilst upside down in the air over France

image credit:redbull.com

10. Spencer Spellman: The particular selfie was taken outside of the Louvre on our whirlwind trip through Europe, and additionally the first trip we took as an engaged couple.Spencer Spellman on the Hawaii island of Maui

selfie-maui-[size_650x450]image credit: viewfinder.expedia.com